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My Name is Heath

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Heath Blandford
Heath Blandford

I was born in Little Rock, AR, but moved to Wilmington, OH, when I was five months old. I moved again when I was 16. I have a degree in Petroleum Engineering, but previously I worked as a Mechanical Engineer in New Product Development, and now work as a Customer Success Engineer for Losant IoT.

With that, you probably have a good grasp of the type of things I'm into, but just for the sake of content here is what I'm into right now:

  • IoT
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development
  • Formula 1 Racing (Mclaren fan!)
  • Cooking
  • 3D Printing
  • Reading
  • Video Games

So, Heath, what are you going to be writing in this blog?

I'm so glad you asked!

This blog will serve a few purposes, primarily serving as a way for me to share all the exciting technology I encounter.

Here are some other things you can expect:

  • Cool stuff I learn about when it comes to all things programming. I'm a self-taught developer, so it might be mostly things that are associated with the web. But there will be other cool things like Dev Ops, Distributed Computing, and maybe even some Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence.
  • My thoughts on things I read. I'm a big fan of psychology/socioeconomics (think Freakanomics, Outliers) and self-help books that aren't actually self-help books (think Atomic Habits, Extreme Ownership).
  • My thoughts on Customer Success Engineering and Developer Advocacy.
  • Maybe some cool cooking things I've recently tried and feel compelled to write about.

Where can I get in contact with you?

I hope that I write things that compel you to write good things, or at least constructive criticism. Regardless, the best way to contact me is on Twitter, you can follow me on Instagram, or check out my Contact Page.

Until next time, stay curious...