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What I'm up to right now

Updated on Mon Jun 13 2022 02:35:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) from Cincinnati, OH


Currently I'm at PredictHQ working as a Customer Experience Engineer. I started here on April 18, 2022 after my time at Losant. I'm really looking forward to this new challenge, and I really believe I'll have a great impact here.


This site. I want to write more about the things that I read and take in. As well as get my opinions and thoughts about current events out there. I take a lot of notes and I read a lot of stuff every day, I want to write about them.


I'm in the middle of Snow Crash. I'm also starting The 48 Laws of Power and How to Live.

What else?

I'm still infatuated with cooking. I'm very lucky to live within walking distace to Findlay Market so my access to high quality, local produce and meat. I've really leveled up my cooking game recently.

I'm the secretary of Hive13, a makerspace here in Cincinnati. I'm also the 3D Printing Warden. This means I take care of the area and make sure the machines are running in tip-top shape.